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Rikki Barnes and Anya Corazon, Daredevil version

(on AO3)

Originally drawn during Femslash February 2016, then I did another version in June. For people who don't know obscure teenage superheroines from Marvel comics, Rikki Barnes aka Nomad is a non-powered hero patterning herself after Captain America, who jumped a few dimensions and then got killed by Onslaught, one of Marvel's terrible crossover ideas. Anya Corazon is a Latino superheroine with spider-themed powers who had her own title with two nice runs in the 2000s and then notably appeared as a side-character in other titles; not sure what her status is at the moment.

This picture is an illustration of my AU/headcanon that brings these characters into MCU.

Anya goes to school with Santino (Claire’s neighbor from DD s1); they don’t really know each other, but they team up to do some (dangerously naive) snooping after the identity of the mobsters who beat Santino up. Anya’s dad works for the Bugle, she uses her access to get information, and gets her hands on Ben Urich’s research.

Rikki Barnes is a transgirl from Philadelphia, who runs away to New York after her brother’s bullying almost kills her. She spends some time living on the street, but she’s taken in by Betsy Beatty, the sorta-girlfriend of Melvin Potter (the guy who later makes Matt’s costume). She meets and befriends Melvin, who makes a superhero costume for her as a present, based on stories about her childhood pretend-games (when she always played Bucky Barnes, the best friend of Captain America “only, you know, a girl”). When Fisk comes into picture and his cronies threaten Betsy, she puts on the costume and starts vigilanting.