annathecrow's fanart


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This was intended as a series of artworks telling a "what if" story about Kate Kane. It went... well, the way wonderful, ambitious projects usually go for me, which means that the first got made and then I stalled working on the second one as my perfectionism overcame my actual art skills. I still hold out a small hope I will continue the project (or maybe write the story as a fic, who knows), but right now this is the only piece that got done.

The Kane Affair

The departure point of the AU is the moment I see as the inciting incident for Kate becomming Batwoman: being forced out of the military because of her orientation. Kate gets kicked out of Westpoint; the one goal of her life is taken from her; the pressure builds, and builds, and taking up the cape is the outlet.

What if that didn't happen? What if, say, someone pushed Kate to use her family's clout to take on the U.S. army... and win?

(So it's a bit like Superman: Red Son. Which means I get to explore a different version of a character, then go off the rails and throw them into a weird iddy plot because I can, ha.)

The title isn't in any way related to Batman: Hush. I didn't know about the arc and I'm too attached to the title now. Dammit, Batman, that's my title!