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Blaník knights during Covid-19

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Oh god, how do you explain a visual illustration to a shitpost that heavily references your own culture?

Anyway, this is all Czech Tumblr's fault. It started with a shitpost making fun of a local legend about knights sleeping under the hill Blaník (sort of King Arthur style), who are supposed to come out when the nation is at its worst. Translated by me:

ettelwenailinon: saint wenceslaus and the blaník knights can't save us because they don't have face masks and there's more than 20 of them

(they're referring to then-active order that people can't congregate in groups over 20 people)


[a drawn-out joke parodying a viral video where a village mayor makes a speech over the village tannoy, asking people to follow the orders and naming specific women, telling them "I SEE YOU"]


does helmet visor count as a face shield?

...and then I had to illustrate it, of course.